How it all started

1954 Jeff Mezzrow born on the South Side of Chicago.
1966 Picks up the guitar and gets his 1st instruction from sister Lynne.
1968-1972 High School years and the young Jeff Mezzrow sees and meets all the blues greats. Albert King (who plays at his High School prom), B.B. King, Muddy Waters, and Howlin' Wolf.
1969 Mezzrow's 1st gig (a Halloween party) is in the New Trier High School gym.
1972 Moving to Boston, Mr. Mezz plays in his 1st professional bands.
1972-1990 A million gigs in a million clubs from Boston to D.C. out west to Colorado.
1991 Jeff is bringing his band MEZZ to New York for shows in the Greenwich Village clubs. Most weekends are spent in "The Bitter End", "CBGB'S", and Kenny’s Castaways". Bassist Rick Kolow meets and falls in love with German tourist Carmen Schenk and is off to Germany. Kolow books some gigs in the Sping of '91 and drummer Ric Haddad, bassist Rick Kolow, and Mezzrow do the 1st MEZZ Germany tour.
1993 "Luxury beyond Belief" is the 1st MEZZ release on Fortune Records.
1996-2001 Mezzrow moves to Germany and brings various rhythm sections over from Boston and New York to tour.

Where does this name MEZZ come from anyway?

"Mezz has always been my nickname." says Jeff.

But Mezzrow's father's cousin, Milton "Mezz" Mezzrow, was also a musician. He was a jazz clarinetist and saxophonist from the twenties through the sixties. Milton Mezzrow played with such notables as Gene Krupa, Sidney Bichet and Bix Beiderbeck.

He was a pioneer in race relations, having formed the first interracial group to perform in New York. When it came to drugs, Milton was infamous. He was so reknown for his evangelistic attitude toward marijauna that in 1930's New York, a joint was called a Mezzirole!

Here's a chronological listing of all the MEZZ rhythm sections

Year Bass Drums
1991Rick KolowRic Haddad
1991Rick KolowJay Bellerose
1991Rick KolowLothar Dengel
1991-1992Rick KolowBuelent Koeksal
1992-1993Rick KolowStephen Hart
1993-1996Pete DowningStephen Hart
1997Billy OmalleyThe Captain
1997-1998Billy OmalleyAndrew Frawley
1998Billy OmalleyZephan Courtney
1998-1999Rolo RuckAndrew Frawley
1999Billy OmalleyStephen Hart
2000John MontagnaAndrew Frawley
2000-2001Jeff DarosaAndrew Frawley
2001Billy OmalleyAndrew Frawley
2003Ronnie KwiatkowskiBenny Stolz
2003-2004Billy CloseBenny Stolz
2004-2006Stefan MachalitzkyChristoph von Sonnenburg
2006-2010Andi WisbauerChristoph von Sonnenburg
2011Michael DeakChristoph von Sonnenburg

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